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NC Standing Rules
NC District Standing Rules
PI Policy & ByLaws
PI Policies

PI ByLaws
President's Forms

Chaplain's Form

Agenda Template (WORD)
Agenda Template (PDF)

Agenda Script (WORD)
Agenda Script (PDF)
Treasurer's Forms

2014-2015 Treas. Rpt (PDF)

2014-2015 Treas. Rpt(EXCEL)

Financial Obligations

IRS Form 990 (Req'd)
Secretary Forms

Secretary Cheat Sheet

2013-2014 Membership
Information Form

2013-2014 Change of
Membership Form
Protocol & Parliamentary
Procedure Tips
Protocol for Club Presidents

Protocol for Official Visits

Club Meeting Seating Charts

Parliamentary Procedure &
Protocol Tips

Parliamentary Procedure Charts
MISC. Forms
Club Annual Report Working

Navigating the Club Annual
DAC Forms
Expense Voucher (PDF)

Official Visit Exp. Rpt. (PDF)

PI Expense Form

Official Visit Report (Word)

Official Visit Report (PDF)
Cheat Sheets
PI ByLaws Cheat Sheet

Standing Rules Guide
Dist Scholarship Forms
Due: March 15, 2014

Application Form (MS Word)

Application Form (PDF)