2013-2014 NC District Project
(Volunteer Registrations Due by August 16, 2013)
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The North Carolina District will partner  with BIANC to support the 2013
Traumatic Brian Injury (TBI) Camp (September 13-15, Stokesdale NC) for
the 2013-2014 District Project.

The goal of the District Project is to have every club in the District include
participation in Camp Carefree in their 2013-2014 Plans of work.  Clubs
can choose to from several options listed below under “Procedure” to
tailor the project to their club and member’s interest.  

The purpose of the project will be to:
1. Educate the public about brain-related disorders, specifically
Traumatic Brain Injury.

2. Provide North Carolina Pilots an opportunity to perform hands-on
service with TBI survivors and their families.

3. Bring visibility to BIANC, NC Pilot clubs and the NC Pilot District.

Camp Carefree is the only camp experience for brain injury survivors in
North Carolina and is sponsored by BIANC. This wonderful event is
funded through donations and staffed by volunteers. Camp Carefree
supports around 150 campers and their families. Campers come in all
ages and have varied skill levels based on their injury. The camp
provides a relaxed, safe and fun environment for campers to just be
themselves.  Campers can take part in activities such as canoeing,
horseback riding, skill building, and arts & crafts.  They can also attend a
dance and share stories around a campfire.  Pilots who have attended in
the past can attest that this is a life changing experience for all.

The procedure for club participation will be:

Option 1:  Monetary Donation:
Clubs can elect to support Camp Care Free through a monetary donation
of their choice.  All monetary donations are welcome, however some
specific expenses clubs could contribute towards include the following:
  • $2000 - Camp Rental
  • $  600 - Camp T-Shirts
  • $2500 - Food for Campers (5 meals and snacks at Dane and Bon-
  • $  700 - Band for Friday Night
  • $1000 - Cleaning Supplies, Sunscreen, Extra Water, Activity
  • $  700 - Rental of Golf Carts
  • $  500 - Arts and Crafts Supplies, Posters and Materials

Option 2:  Sponsor a Camper:
It costs $150 to send one survivor to camp for the weekend.  The BIANC
only charges campers and their family members $20 and this is to
ensure they attend after they register.
  • Clubs can sponsor one (or more) campers for a donation of $150
    per camper they’d like to sponsor.  (Please send sponsor money
    by August 16, 2013)

Option 3: Provide Hands-On Service during Camp:
Volunteers are needed all weekend to support Camp Carefree.  Clubs or
individual members can participate in many different ways during camp:
  • Cabin set up and assignments
  • Registration activities
  • Coffee detail
  • Trash pick up and disposal
  • Food preparation, set up and serving
  • Activity monitor for camper events during the weekend (arts and
    crafts, outdoor living, fishing and canoes, ropes course, bingo,
    singing and bonfire in the evening, band and dance in the
    evening, Sunday morning service)

In addition as an alternative to the district convention project that we
frequently have, we are asking clubs to
bring a drum or bongos to
District Convention.
 The camp would like to use the drums to "call" folks
to the bonfire and perhaps to end the evening.  The hope would be to
have instruments that could be used for many years.  What a great way to
recycle that old drum or bongos from kids or grandkids.

NOTE:  Camper registration forms are due August 16, 2013.  Family
members of campers or Pilots who attend pay a $20 registration fee as
well.  Send to BIANC, PO Box 10912, Raleigh, NC 27605. Phone 919-833-
Friendship                        Service                Brain Awareness
Let's Go Camping!
Regardless of your
donation type, please be
sure to indicate that it
applies to Camp Carefree
to ensure proper allocation!
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